News of the ILA

50 countries in the International Longevity Alliance!


     About one year since the beginning of networking in July, 2012, and about half a year…

Canadian Longevity Alliance


  By Franco Cortese    The Canadian Longevity Alliance (CLA) is the recently-inaugurated Canadian arm of the International…

JLA – Japan Longevity Alliance


  My name is John Leonard and lead activist for the Japan Longevity Alliance (JLA). We are part…

Celebrating Longevity on the International “Future Day” March 1


   Since 2012, there has been a global initiative to institute March 1 as an international “Future Day”…

First Skype Meeting of the Italian Longevity Alliance: Roadmap for 2013 – A Potential Model for Other Groups


I am pleased to report that the first skype meeting for the Italian Longevity Alliance was a great…

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