Organizing events for the International Longevity Day / Month campaign in October

This year, as every year since 2013, there is an initiative to organize events and publications in support of healthy longevity R&D and education, during the Longevity Day or Longevity Month – starting from October 1 (the International Day of Older People, sometimes also called in the longevity community the “Longevity Day”) through the entire month of October (the “Longevity Month”). Such a campaign allows the longevity activists to present a united international front, draw the broad public attention to the longevity cause, build up the longevity communities, and exercise and enhance their organizational and outreach capabilities.

Traditionally, the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) took a strong part in promoting the Longevity Day / Month campaign, yet many like-minded organizations joined the efforts, producing hundreds of pro-longevity events in dozens of countries.

Keeping this tradition, longevity activists are encouraged to organize events and publications for the Longevity Day and Month around the world in October. 

(Here are some examples of activities from the past 10 years of the campaign

This year the ILA recommends placing a focus on organizing live events (that was difficult even last year, but is feasible now), including such public activist events as demonstrations, that have been proven to be effective activist tools to draw attention to a cause for any significant and successful social movement. For this year’s International Longevity Day (October 1) some demonstrations in support of Longevity R&D and Education are already being planned in several countries – in Israel, Belgium, Germany, Spain, US.

If you are planning some activities for the longevity day and month (such as outdoors demonstrations or indoors meetups or publications), happy to be in touch to coordinate and publicize together to increase the general interest and impact.

Some of the Longevity Day/Month events of October 2023.


As a part of the preparations for the Longevity Day/Month campaign, the ILA federated member – the Vetek Association received the permit to conduct a demonstration on October 1, at 10.00 am (Israel time), at the Democracy Square (Azrieli-Kaplan intersection) in Tel Aviv. The demonstration takes place on October 1, the “International Longevity Day”.

The official theme of the demonstration is: *Raising awareness for healthy longevity*

The topics that we will advocate for at the demonstration include: raising the old-age pensions, improving the rights of older persons, as well as enhancing research, development and education for healthy longevity and prevention of aging-related diseases.

The demonstration was initiated by the Vetek Association – the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life, yet additional organizations and individuals are joining.
We hope that this demonstration will encourage the struggle for the status and health of older people, not only in Israel, but around the world. And indeed, on October 1, the “International Longevity Day”, with the encouragement of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA), there are planned partner demonstrations and events in several other countries: Belgium, Spain, Germany, US. We hope for more initiatives. If you organize more demonstrations and other events (live or online) for the Longevity Day/Month, please let us know so we can synergize and publicize together.
More details about the Tel Aviv  demonstration (in Hebrew and English)


A demonstration is being organized in Brussels for October 1, starting at 14.00 (CET) by HEALES – Healthy Life Extension Society.


A demonstration is being organized in Madrid for October 1, starting at 11.00 (CET) by Alianza Futurista, the Millennium Project, ILA and Transvision.


A demonstration is being organized in Berlin for October 1, starting at 16.00 (CET) by Partei für schulmedizinische Verjüngungsforschung (German Party for Scientific Medical Rejuvenation Research).

United States

A gathering is being organized for October 1 in San Francisco by the Healthspan Action Coalition.

A virtual salon dedicated to the Longevity Day is held on October 1 by the US Transhumanist Party.


In conjunction with the International Longevity Alliance, October 1st is International Longevity Day, and to celebrate, we will have a meetup!

The plan is to meet up by the 3D Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square in front of City Hall, Toronto to take a group photo and then go on to have a drink/food and connect & chat.

Now that COVID is well and truly over, this will be the relaunch of our monthly longevity meetups.


October 1st is World Older People’s Day, and to mark the date let’s get together to talk about how to tackle the main health problems that affect the elderly.
The event will be held at the Centro de Lazer Omar Nunes square “Praça Jd Flamboyant” in in Campinas, Brazil.


A longevity educational meetup is being organized in Bucharest in honor of the Longevity Day, on Sunday, October 1, 2023 at 4:45 PM at Calea Plevnei 122 · București. The meetup will educate and discuss on genetics of longevity and the world of large language models (LLMs) and their applications in aging research and personal health. As the organizers state: Celebrate International Longevity Day with us! Since 2013, this day has been marked with events promoting healthy longevity worldwide. Countries like Israel, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and the US are hosting similar events. Let’s come together for this noble cause!


An meetup will be organized in Helsinki (details are forthcoming).


As part of Longevity Month we are organizing Conference on Healthy Longevity in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The date is 10th of October. Conference will be hybrid – on the spot and online. There will be renowned international and Slovenian scientists speaking about topics from biology, medicine, entrepreneurship, sociology and philosophy of healthy life extension.

More information can be found on our webpage:


The International Conference on Aging and Disease (ICAD) of the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD) that will be held in Shanghai on October 27-30, expresses support for the International Longevity Month campaign.


As part of the longevity month, a meetup on AI, Brain-Computer Interfaces & Longevity is organized in Sydney on October 5, at 5.30 pm at Level 4, 11 York Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia