Former Board Members

Daniel Wuttke (Germany), PhD.

Initiator of open-source scientific research platform Denigma. Specialist in biochemistry, biology, molecular medicine, genomics, programming and networking. Currently Daniel worked at the SENS Research Foundation in California. Key vision: deciphering aging using existing knowledge and the digital intelligence.

Paul Spiegel (USA).

Paul Spiegel is a thought leader, an international speaker and a longtime activist in the fields of longevity and transhumanism. He is a board member of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, the American Longevity Alliance and Humanity Plus, and is a former board member of… Read More »Paul Spiegel (USA).

Avi Roy (UK), PhD.

President of the Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF), a UK-based charity founded to support ageing research and address the challenges of a rapidly ageing population. Avi is an Oxford-based biomedical scientist and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Advancing Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) at the… Read More »Avi Roy (UK), PhD.

Adrian Correa (Colombia, Bogota).

Adrian has been a Founding Member and a Board Member of the International Longevity Alliance. He has helped setup a robust IT platform and has been accompanying numerous projects for healthy life extension. Adrian is undertaking studies in philosophy and theology.

David Latapie (France).

Longevity… and health! That is why biology of aging has all its sense. Organiser, technologist, transhumanist thinker, David was an active member of Technoprog! Aside, David also has a deep knowledge of legal aspects for organisations and funding. Key vision: think far to build now.… Read More »David Latapie (France).

Jaba TKEMALADZE (Georgia, Tbilisy).

Jaba is a CEO at the Georgia Longevity Alliance, and a long term proponent of longevity. His credo is “Without life, we have nothing. We need eternal youth. And a immortality!”. Jaba is a biogerontologist, and he currently leads fundamental and clinical research on aging.

Avinash K Singh (India).

Founder and President of IFS (India Future Society), a non-profit organization in India promoting and advocating scientific research in future technology and longevity. Active researcher in the field of brain-machine interface. Key vision: there is always a way.

Anton Kulaga (Ukraine).

Founder of H+Ukraine, core-developer of the open-source scientific research platform Denigma, initiator of the joint SENS Foundation and Kiev Institute of Gerontology (Ukraine) crowdfunding project “I am a little mouse”, aimed to test several geroprotectors in mice. Specialist in programming, data visualization, semancit web, and… Read More »Anton Kulaga (Ukraine).