The competition for the best short movie about life extension is over. Who are the winners?

Before to name the winners, ILA co-founder Didier Coeurnelle answers the frequently asked questions about the competition

– How did the idea come to you?

We are a growing community with scientists, informed citizens, technoprogressists,.. motivated by healthy life extension thanks to medical progress. However, the large public is not aware that the (not so far) medical future could be bright. Art is a way to sensibilize many people. Videos online are a form of art nowadays available to billions of people. For the competition, everything was allowed: films, comics, succession of pictures,… It could have been science, fiction or science-fiction, a story, sad or funny, a docufiction or a documentary. The only real constraint was time: no less than 60 seconds and no more than 10 minutes.

– How many videos were sent?

We received 10 films answering to the conditions and a few others (too long or not relevant).

– How did the jury decide about the winners?

The members of the international jury were Darya Khaltourina (Russia), Alexander Tietz (Germany), Peter Wickx (United Kingdom), Sven Bulterijs (Dutch speaking Belgium) and Didier Coeurnelle (French speaking Belgium). We had to choose between many good movies.Sadly, we could afford only three winners. We look separately all the movies and each of us gave a first estimation based on general quality, quality of the text, sound and music, quality of the information and how much the movie is convincing. Two movies were clearly the best for all of us. After discussion, we decided for an ex-aequo. 

– Names of the winners and titles of the videos


• Longevity for all (Adam Alonzi, first prize ex-aequo)


• Kids and Life Extension (Tim Maupin,first prize ex-aequo)


• It’s all about dreams (Tom Pasek, third prize)

We congratulate the winners, but also we thank and we wish good luck to all other participants. Even if their videos didn’t win the prize, they make a great input in the advocacy of life extension.