The 1st Metchnikoff’s Day Online Conference – Aging, Immunity and COVID-19 – May 16, 2020

The 1st Metchnikoff’s Day Online Conference

“Aging, Immunity and COVID-19”

May 16, 2020



The online conference is dedicated to celebrating the 175th anniversary of Elie Metchnikoff, the founder of gerontology and cell immunology (May 15, 1845-July 15, 1916). The conference will foster academic and public discussion on how biological research of aging and longevity could help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and improve the control of aging-related communicable and non-communicable diseases. 

We will advocate for the strong enhancement of the research of aging-mediated immune deficiency as a major risk factor for disability and mortality. It is established that elders have a much greater risk of dying from COVID-19 than young people. While the average mortality rate from COVID-19 among known cases in Hubei, China, was 0.2% until the age of 40 y.o., it was 14.8% among people over 80 y.o. COVID-19 is thus a disease opportunistically associated with aging. Hence ameliorating degenerative aging processes appears to be the most promising way to protect patients, especially the elderly, to reduce their disability and mortality. 

The conference will emphasize this connection. The International Longevity Alliance holds annual events on Metchnikoff’s Day to promote longevity research and advocacy around the world. 

Attendance is open and free, yet registration is requested.

Registration form (ZOOM link will be sent to the registered attendees in advance).

In addition, the conference will be streamed on facebook, from the ILA group



Marking the 175th Years Anniversary of Elie Metchnikoff – The founder of gerontology and cell immunology – May 15, 2020. The lessons from history and hope for the future

Ilia Stambler (ILA)

Fighting infections with Rejuvenation biotechnology

Aubrey de Grey (SRF)

COVID-19 as an aging-related disease

Daria Khaltourina (ILA)

Genetics of immunity  and longevity

Alexey Moskalev (RAS)

A survey for COVID-19 patients, treated or not, to investigate the effect of treatments

Harold Knoll / Edouard Debonneuil (ILA)

What the response to COVID tells us about the politics of medical research

Josh Mitteldorf (Aging Matters)

COVID-19, Immunosenescence, and T-cell Immunity

Robert Brooke (Intervene Immune, Inc.)

Will daily COVID-19 deaths reach daily aging deaths?

François Robin-Champigneul / Edouard Debonneuil (ILA)

Data, Covid 19, Aging

Didier Coeurnelle (ILA)

The results of the research of public desire for life extension technologies

Martin Lipovšek (ILA)

Building upon the Metchnikoff heritage – future for health and wellbeing

Igor Serotila (ILA – IAMF)

The 175th anniversary of Elie Metchnikoff – a citizen of the world

Olga Berveno, Ludmila Babay (Metchnikoff’s Museum, Dvorichna, Kharkov area, Ukraine, Metchnikoff’s birthplace)

Facebook event


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