Register to the ILA website!

Dear All,

Please register to the new ILA website, to the Worldwide map of life extensionists and to the follow-up of the Longevity Reporter! Donate and indicate what you would ideally like the ILA to fund!

In October 2020, the hosting servers of the ILA were attacked by a ransomware that largely targeted health-related websites during the epidemics. This, at least, helped us develop major tools for the life extension community that had been prepared over the last two years. See all that happens when you register.

1.Register to the ILA website!


Accessible via > Sign in (top right), Create an account (bottom). The number of people registered will be a force with respect to authorities such as the World Health Organization. Also, as you register, a lot more happens as described in what follows.

2. Be added to the worldwide longevity map and meet life extensionists around!

When registering on the new ILA website, you specify your city and will automatically appear on the map once the system for the map is created. The map is independent from any organization, including the ILA. You will be able to change your location and decide not to be visible.

3. Receive the Longevity Reporter!

Do you remember the Longevity Reporter? When registering, a checkbox allows you to receive the follow up of this longevity newsletter. The monthly compilation of longevity scientific news by Sven Bulterijs (cochair of Heales) will notably serve this purpose.

4. Donate and suggest what to fund!

When registering, a field asks you what you would ideally like to see funded, such as mouse lifespan tests of geroprotectors or scientific conferences. We will read all the answers! Please do not hesitate to also suggest to help in any way, to organize the content of the Longevity Reporter for example, or copy paste the content from the previous ILA website or any other thing. You can always contact us separately at 

To fund projects, donations are first needed. What about starting with a donation? Simply donate via Paypal to The ILA is not for profit, its members are not paid.

As you can see, even though the new ILA website is still at its infancy, in a few minutes you can use it to help strengthen the worldwide longevity community. So register and transmit the message around! We count on you.


The ILA board.

PS: thank you to Josiah Akinloye for the website and the map system