MMTP/Senolytics begins!

Dear All,

It has been quite a while since the community fundraised $52,070 for the mouse lifespan test of a combination of senolytics – the MMTP/Senolytics project.

The start of the experiment was delayed due to a number of issues encountered along the way; the backers were informed in the meantime (notably here, here, and here).  However, today we are delighted to announce that the experiment was finally launched!

Launched during this Covid-19 period !?
Yes. To really top this off and add some extra problems the study was just about ready to launch when Covid-19 came. Labs were closing down, supplies and deliveries were erratic, but Alexandra Stolzing managed to get everything together and begin. Thanks to all the people and scientists who are still working to make science happen.

Experimental conditions
A total of 40 C57BL mice are treated with a combination of senolytics (ABT-263, ABT-199, Dasatinib, Isoquercetin) and will be compared to 40 control mice. The mice were all 18 months old when the experiment started. Blood samples have been taken to determine aging markers analysis before the start of the senolytic treatment, and subsequent blood draws will happen during the study to track changes and determine the health of the animals in addition to a range of other mouse health parameters. Stay tuned to what will happen!

Do you remember?
In 2014 the International Longevity Alliance and the Longevity Party decided to prioritize the funding of a Major Mouse Testing Program (MMTP), described as “large series of mouse lifespan tests, starting with aged mice; including health markers as well and including combinations of interventions”. A year later, thanks to the help of many volunteers, an MMTP project was described with slides translated in ten languages. A year later, the MMTP/Senolytics project was crowdfunded.