Longevity Month – October 2020

Following the tradition since 2013, we organize the International Longevity Month campaign that will start on October 1 and continue through October, in support of longevity research and advocacy. You are welcome to organize meeting events (also online), publications and promotions for longevity research in any format and scope that suits you. Such events can help build up the longevity advocacy community and gain public support for it.

Some history of this campaign:


This year also, events and promotions for this campaign are being organized around the world.

A central event for this year’s Longevity Month Campaign will be the traditional Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging that has been organized by HEALES and its partners, such as the ILA and others since 2010. This year the symposium will be held on October 1 online (via zoom). The main theme of the symposium will be “Enhancing clinical trials for anti-aging therapies”.


Several other online conference are being organized around the world, including: RAAD Festival, Madrid Singularity meetup, India Future Society Longevity Conference and others.


If you take an active part and/or organize events and promotions for the campaign, you are welcome to contact the ILA board, so together we can think of effective synergies.

Thus, if you organize an event or promotion for the Longevity Month, you may consider submitting your candidature to receive the “Longevity Activism and Awareness Prize” for the best event and/or promotion of the campaign. The first prize is $3000, the second prize is $1000. Details:


Looking forward to the creative, active and productive Longevity Month!

On behalf of the ILA board