Longevity month 2022

On Saturday, October 1, 20.00 CET / 18.00 UTC, the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) will conduct an open ILA meeting in honor of the International Longevity Day – October 1, the beginning of the International Longevity Month!  

This year it will be the 10th year since ILA initiated the Longevity Day/Month campaign in 2013. So, on Saturday, October 1, the ILA will mark this anniversary in an open meeting – for ILA members and others interested in longevity activism, including presentations on Longevity Activism (experience, actions, plans). 

Several presentations by ILA core activists are in the program: by Daria Khaltourina, Edouard Debonneuil, Didier Coeurnelle, Angel Marchev Sr., Ilia Stambler. Additional presentations are possible. Also, there will be an option for longevity activists to briefly tell some of their activism experiences, news and plans, and present themselves during the meeting. 

An update: The main event, including the presentations, is currently planned to take place ON ZOOM, Saturday, October 1, at 8 pm CET (6 pm UTC). Yet, an hour earlier, at 7 pm CET (5 pm UTC), there is an option to meet for an hour at an ExVo room. After an hour at ExVo, starting at 7 pm CET we will go to the main zoom meeting, at 8 pm CET. Just to emphasize, the ExVo hour is optional and will take place independent of the main zoom event at 8 pm CET that will take place anyway.

(If there are changes in the venue or time, we will announce)

For either Zoom or ExVo or both, welcome to pre-register in the form below and we will send you the links.

Registration form 

Also, if you organize or participate in additional events for Longevity Day/Month, please let know, and we will add those events to the general reports about the global Longevity Day / Month actions that we keep since 2013 (so far there were hundreds of events in dozens of countries).


Looking forward to the Longevity Day!

Healthy Longevity for All through Scientific Research!

ILA board

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