ILA’s information campaign “LightSpan” starting on October 1st

Dear friends,

The International Longevity Alliance is calling you to help join forces all over the world to defeat aging. This is very hard to do when only a small fraction of people know that aging can be cured as a disease. In fact, we can slow it down and even reverse the degenerative aging process. By curing aging we could prevent many age-related diseases including; cancer, dementia, cardio-vascular catastrophes, diabetes and many more. We could prevent the suffering of billions of people. If we were numerous, our voice would be heard all over the globe, and we would bring closer the moment when geroprotective technologies grant people  several additional decades of health and life.

Soon it will be October 1st, the International Day of Older Persons, the ones who are suffering the most from deteriorative aging. And on this day, and during the whole month we will maintain the dialogue about the opportunities to cure deteriorative aging. With this in mind we are delighted to announce the start of ILA’s  information campaign: “LightSpan”.

How it works!

The participant lights up a sparkler (Bengali candle) – a symbol of our short lifespan – and while it is lit, the participant tells why, in their opinion, it is necessary to support the development and implementation of geroprotective technologies. In the end, he/she invites three of his friends to do the same. The resulting video shall be put on Youtube and shared in the social networks with the following description: 

“The goal of the International Longevity Alliance event “LightSpan” is to attract public attention to the opportunities for prevention and treatment of the deteriorative aging. Scientific studies have successfully demonstrated that the destructive processes that underlie aging may become a target for medical intervention. Through the application of the first geroprotective technologies lifespan of model organisms have been doubled. Life extension was achieved by preventing age-related diseases, which allowed an extended healthy period of life. If these technologies will be implemented for humans, they could give to all people several extra decades of healthy life.

Our call is to contribute to the development of geroprotective technologies and hasten the moment when aging will be cured as with any other disease.