ILA includes 56 organizations from 45 countries

The International Longevity Alliance (ILA) welcomes its newest federated member – Transhumanists Africa! Looking forward to our joint promotion of the cause of healthy longevity for all through scientific research, in Africa and everywhere!

Transhumanists Africa is a network organization that promotes healthy longevity technologies in several African countries, with the main branches in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Botswana.

Following the recent publication of the ILA platform that featured 55 ILA federated members from 35+ countries,

with the joining of Transhumanists Africa and its branches, there is an update for the number of organizations and countries in the ILA.

TA comes in with 5 main branches: in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Botswana, and the US.

Furthermore, the Longevity Alliance Baltic that originally included branches in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, added branches in Finland and Poland.

Furthermore the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine (ESAAM), that was originally incorporated in Austria, changed its place of incorporation to Switzerland, and now includes the main branches in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malaysia.

In addition, RIBER (Red IBERoamericana de Prospectiva) – Iberoamerican Futurists Network, that is incorporated in the Dominican Republic, is associated with a strong branch in Spain, designated as Madrid Singularity.

In addition, United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA), incorporated in the UK, includes a branch in the Republic of Korea.

In addition, the Israeli Longevity Alliance is now fully merged with Vetek (Seniority) Association – The Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life (Israel).

All these updates bring the number of ILA federated organizations to 56, and the number of countries, including the countries of incorporation and established branches – to 45, including 33 countries of incorporation plus 12 country branches.

Looking forward to our continued joining of forces for the healthy longevity cause!