ILA grows to 20 federated members from 17 countries

With the recent joining of 5 more NGOs, presently, the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) includes 20 registered pro-longevity NGOs from 17 countries as federated members!

The full list of federated members as of January 2020: Healthy Life Extension Society (HEALES) (European Union); Longevite & Sante (France); Life Extension Beyond Borders Association (France); AFT – Technoprog (France); Georgia Longevity Alliance (Georgia); Gesellschaft für Gesundes Altern und Prävention – (e. V.) (The Society for Healthy Aging and Prevention/HEALES Germany) (Germany); India Future Society (India); Israeli Longevity Alliance (Israel); Italian Longevity League (Italy); NGO “Committee of Public Health of Medeusky district” (Kazakhstan); Astrum Fundación (Mexico);
I Am Future Foundation (Moldova); Enlightenment Transhumanist Forum of Nigeria (ETFN) (Nigeria); Institute of Exponential Sciences (The Netherlands); Council for Public Health and the Problems of Demography (Russia); Društvo za vitalno podaljševanje življenja (Society for vital life extension)​ (Slovenia); African Research Center 4 Ageing & Dementia – ARCAD (Uganda); Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions (US); American Longevity Alliance (US); SENS Research Foundation (US,UK)

We welcome you to increase the power and spread of the global longevity movement, by adding more federated members (i.e. registered prolongevity NGOs) to the ILA.

This can be done in two ways: 

1) If you represent a prolongevity NGO, you can suggest it to become an ILA federated member. 

2) You can speed up the registration of new prolongevity NGOs that can join the ILA as federated members (several ILA-associated groups are now in the process of registering NGOs).

By becoming a federated member, both your organization’s activity will be boosted, and the international longevity advocacy coalition will grow and increase impact.

All the membership candidatures (both honorary and federated), should be submitted via the ILA site, as well as writing to the ILA board.  

The next ILA general election will be held on January 25, where the ILA board members will be elected from the ILA federated members who have been over a year in the ILA

Looking forward to the further increasing growth of the international longevity alliance and of the entire longevity movement!