ILA federated members survey

As of May 2024, ILA includes 55 organizations (non-profits and social enterprises) as federated member organizations.

Recently, ILA has been gathering information about ILA federated members for a new ILA analytical platform. This information is intended to increase the visibility for ILA generally and for ILA federated members. It will emphasize (and sometimes help formulate) their strengths, online presence, current activities, challenges to address, plans, and key figures. Eventually this platform will help promote the longevity research and advocacy field as a whole. 

The survey for ILA federated members:

Below are some of the answers to the survey: 

1. Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation

San Francisco, USA


Social media:

Contact: David Wood. Executive Director.

The purpose of LEV is to accelerate the attainment of Longevity Escape Velocity. Or stated otherwise: to comprehensively cure and prevent age-related disease.

This is explained in more detail in our founding documents, which define our scope as the following charitable and educational activities:

a) To sponsor, conduct and inspire research to proactively identify and address the most challenging obstacles on the path to the widespread availability of comprehensively effective treatments to cure and prevent human age-related disease.
b) For such scientific, educational and charitable purposes as may be related in any way to providing a forum, both national and international, for the development and exchange of ideas and experience concerning longevity and healthspan, including surveys, conferences and outreach activities.
c) To inform the public about the need for research to identify and develop effective treatments to cure and prevent human age-related disease, via advocacy and ecosystem building activities.

For a general discussion of some of the issues and opportunities LEVF faces, see

We are interested in collaboration in the analysis of data collected from our RMR (Robust Mouse Rejuvenation) projects.

We are interested more broadly in any collaboration that will bring more resources to the RMR projects.

We are also interested in finding co-sponsors for the Longevity Summit Dublin.” Longevity Summit Dublin: For our projects, see

2. Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society)      

Brussels, Belgium           


Social media:  

Contact: Didier Coeurnelle, Co-chair, Coordinator, secretary and Communication.

Heales organizes lectures (for both the general audience as for scientists), info sessions and gatherings. Heales spreads information by newspapers, internet (websites, news and information e-mails), magazines, flyers, posters and all other media to achieve its goal in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and other countries.

Heales invites guest speakers and disperses information about scientific, social, economical, ecological and ethic backgrounds of life extension.

Heales organizes musical festivals, dinners, lotteries and other events with the goal of collecting financial resources to realize its goals.

Heales supports events organized by others as well as research and all the other activities conducted by others that can help the organization to achieve its goals.

The primary goal or focus of the Organization:  Activism for healthy longevity for all (through medical progress). Challenges are faced by the organization: Medical progress is slow.

Conferences: Heales conducts conferences online and offline. See among other things:     Campaigns:  Among other things (Monthly newsletter in English, French, Dutch and Spanish)             

3. Vetek (Seniority) Association – the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life      

Tel Aviv, Israel           


Social media:    

Contact: Ilia Stambler. Chairman.

Vetek (Seniority) Association is mainly involved in advocacy for research, development and education for healthy longevity in Israel and in cooperation with Israel. The main activities:  Advocacy for research, development and education for healthy longevity. Challenge: Funding. Interested in consortia building. The main conference: Longevity Nation     Campaign: Enhancing research, development and education for healthy longevity.    

 4. American Longevity Alliance

San Francisco, California           

Social media: 

Contact: Walter Crompton. Executive Director       

ALA goals: Share longevity-related knowledge, Extend healthspan, Becoming more active and relevant.  

5. Live Forever Club           



Social media:           

Contact: Adrian Cull. Founder.           

“The Live Forever Club” collates news articles, useful resources and lots of practical tips about living longer, healthier lives. This is published on its website and social media.

We are currently trying to do more videos, including TikTok to broaden the audience.”     

Goals:  Raising awareness of longevity and the potential for radical life extension. Challenges: Funding. Most members take the free option so paying for content and marketing generates a loss.                                     

6. Vitalism Foundation           

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Social media:  

Contact: Adam Gries. Founder.  

Vitalism is the movement for humanity to make unlimited lifespans in peak health it’s first priority, and to reflect that in budgets, policies and culture.

We have a 3 part plan:

1. Unify all those who agree with the Vitalist declaration – these are Vitalists.

2. Create and grow a network of people and organizations that self identify as Vitalist and promote Vitalist plans

3. Transform jurisdictions into Longevity States – i.e. states that embrace Vitalist values and demonstrate this in their resource allocation and governance.”      

Goals: Accelerating the revolution against aging and death. Growing faster.   Engaging and unifying all Vitalists. Creating working groups to promote key vectors of change.                                     

7. Fundación Canaria ALCASIV (Fundación Longenia para la Extensión de la Vida (R))       

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Spain


Social media:    

Contact: Cayetano Santana Gil. Co-founder Patron/administrator and project director           

The Foundation’s main objective is to promote, contribute and facilitate technological research and development for health and well-being, as well as the universal and unconditional right to a greater quality and duration of life through science and technology, fighting against aging. and diseases related to it, in addition to working for the prevention of diseases and accidents. All of this with the ultimate goal of its incorporation into both public health systems and private health organizations.


The promotional mission of the foundation will be carried out from all areas: legal, ethical, deontological, scientific, technological, disseminating (Educational, training and dissemination), economic, financial and organizational (Entrepreneurship, administration and management). For this, the following activities will be carried out, among others:

  • The defense of the fundamental rights to life and health, promoting legal actions that allow and guarantee access to resources to enjoy a longer, fuller life and with optimal health, including all those techniques that scientific research and clinical trials can contribute.
  • Promote collaboration with other institutions, citizen movements and groups to influence socially and politically, transferring to public administrations the demands of the Foundation, to improve health through technological improvements that are developed.
  • The representation, as an interested legal entity, before those who prove to be its representatives by any means valid in Law, of all types of writings, petitions, allegations and resources, whether administrative or judicial, as well as the carrying out of any legal procedures or procedures, provided for in procedures and files of all kinds that can be followed from any jurisdiction, jurisdictional order or sector of any Public Administration or similar entity regardless of its degree of autonomy or private legal entity, whatever the branch of Law in which they act. or the special regulations that were applicable to them or even if they acted customarily on the basis of uses and customs admitted by the Legal System in force, including before the International Bodies and Authorities and the European Union, whether executive, legislative or judicial. And agree on the appearance and action to intervene in writing, orally or in the precise and necessary manner in all the procedures or procedures corresponding to the aforementioned procedures.
  • Organize educational, training and informative events (Congresses, courses, workshops, publications, audiovisual material, etc.) to disseminate knowledge and the present and future possibilities offered by science and technology to extend life and achieve optimal health.
  • Promote public debate and the development of ethics linked to the activities and objectives of the Foundation.
  • Promote advice and collaboration, to improve the health and quality of life of all people, with health authorities and scientific, medical and civil societies, both nationally and internationally.
  • Encourage critical thinking with lifestyle habits accepted as normal and promote healthy habits.
  • Independently evaluate recommendations, treatments, interventions and ethical behaviors that affect people’s health and lives.
  • The promotion of clinical trials of new treatments, medications, etc.

Initial plan:

Develop the Villa Longenia Model.

Villa Longenia is a program of the Canarian ALCASIV Foundation (Longenia) to create pleasant and comfortable housing complexes that enable the autonomy of its inhabitants, and manage to extend and develop their healthy longevity.

The Longenia Habitat will be the constructive element of the Villa Longenia. The Longenia Habitat pilot project will be a Minimum Viable Habitat (HMV). We intend to locate this pilot habitat (Minimum Viable Habitat) in the Canary Islands and it will also serve as a demonstrator of the viability of the village network program.

Currently we focus on establishing strategic alliances, raising funds and collaborating or organizing activities to promote the Foundation, healthy longevity and development of treatments to preserve people’s lives.    Goals: Secure public and private support, and finish developing a robust structure for the organization. Interested in cooperation in the areas of communication, fundraising, promotion of research projects, clinical trials, and technological development for health.              

8. Blanc Alliance Public Affairs           

Bucharest, Romania 

Contact: Ionel Dan Blanculescu. CEO.   

Application: Practitioner and applicator of the principles of increasing healthy life span, life expectancy in order to achieve longevity, generally in the last 20 years, the last 10 years with preference, creator of Blue Zones through replication in Romania, the beginning will be in Clinceni, 25 km from the capital of Bucharest, creator of the Guide to increasing healthy life span and life expectancy in order to achieve longevity. 

Activities: Public affairs, consulting in investment projects, assistance and consultancy in litigation management, financial investigations and due diligence analyses, business assistance, consultancy in business development, assistance in economic-financial reorganization, consultancy and assistance in receivable recovery, assistance in financing field.  Building projects: the last is the Longevity Project in Romania and Turkey                             

9. Društvo za vitalno podaljševanje življenja Slovenije (Society for vital life extension of Slovenia)

Ljubljana, Slovenia        


Social media:  

Contact: Martin Lipovšek. President.

In the society, we educate ourselves about vital life extension, we inform people how vital longevity can be achieved, we present our knowledge to the general public and organize events, we advocate the use of advanced medical technologies for all people who would like it, we carry out small research related to prolonging life and thus contribute to the scientific community, we connect internationally with individuals and organizations that deal with our field of interest and socialize with like-minded people in Slovenia.    

Goal: To promote longevity in Slovenia. Challege: Getting more members.   Interested in cooperation in all areas. Especially with EU projects. We publish international events on our English site: and local events on Slovenian site:     We will do it in the future.                                                 

10. Humanity Plus, Inc.     

New York, New York. United States           


Social media:

Contact: Natasha Vita-More, Executive Director.                                       

Humanity+ is an educational 501c3 nonprofit organization that advocates for the ethical use of technology and evidence-based science to expand human capabilities. We support the development of high-impact technology to make beneficial futures attainable.

Main activity: Education. The focus on science, technology, culture, and social issues that are often in the incubation stages and may not have reached fields and businesses that are supported and funded by legacy institutions. We envision a more humane humanity that supports health care and justice.     We conduct campaigns for education on AI and healthy longevity:                            

11. Madrid Singularity (associated with RIBER Association, an ILA federated member)         

Madrid, Spain          

Contact: Jose Cordeiro. Founder

Madrid Singularity organizes monthly events, mostly related now with longevity, health and long-term issues. With over 3,000 members, we are the largest Spanish-language MeetUp in this area.          

Our goal is to promote longevity and health across the Spanish-speaking world, with many of our live events also streamlined live from Madrid to Spain and Latin America   Holding events also in English in Spain!        We are interested in collaborating with other Spanish-language organizations! Meetings are held every month:     Campaign: International Longevity Day:          

12. Longevity Union Georgia      



Social media:  

Contact: Jaba Tkemaladze. Chairman.                                             

We are engaged in the technology of systemic transplantation of safe adult stem cells from young organisms to old organisms. For 40 years of our researches,  that’s the only thing that has shown efficacy. And at the same time it’s safe.  Research activity: Systemic transplantation of safe adult stem cells from young organisms to old organisms.  To date, the main challenge is the stupidity of people. Stupidity is genetically determined. We have created a cure for stupidity and want to make it publicly available.  Power and money are not enough to achieve eternal youth and immortality. We are looking for warriors who can challenge death. We want to defeat ageing and death with them. Wishing to achieve eternal youth and immortality in this life!                                                                                 

13.  Longevity Biotech Fellowship  (associated with Less Death Foundation, an ILA federated member)        

Santa Clara, United States 


Social media:                                                 

Contact: Mark Hamalainen. Cofounder

Activities: Recruiting top talent from other industries. Promoting and supporting technology development projects to solve aging entirely. Connecting engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and community builders to accelerate the rate of progress. Goals:  Accelerate the rate of progress towards solving aging. Challenge: Funding. Interested in mutual promotion if we are aligned. 

Meetings: 3-4 cohorts per year which include an IRL onboarding retreat and 12-week online program. Various other smaller IRL events run by local chapter leaders or the directors when they are visiting different regions.  We are building and promoting a Technical Roadmap to Solving Aging:                                   

14. Italian Longevity League      

Udine, Italy           


Social media:  

Contact:   Gianfranco Vettorello. President.

The Italian Longevity League (I.L.L.) was created in 2019 with the aim of inspiring the change and clinical application of programs created by a cultural and scientific network dedicated to research and education in the field of active longevity. The scientific purpose of the ILL is to reduce the gap between life span and health span, i.e. to ensure that citizens can remain physically, mentally and financially healthy, happy, active, strong, independent and socially useful for the longest time possible by promoting and disseminating an updated and “”evidence based”” approach to active Longevity.”     

The Association is divided into Scientific Groups of specific interest in the field of longevity and the presence of the Association in the national and international territory will be expressed through territorial representatives of the Association, aggregated by Macro Areas or by Regions “collaboration agreements with all the scientific societies that can decline their specialized activity in terms of Longevity.