ILA annual report 2017

Most seen events

– Longevity day and Longevity month in October about the activities organized in 2017

– ILA Position on the WHO Survey on research priority for Healthy Ageing

A very successful work (proposed by Daria Kaltourina, followed by Heales, Edouard Debonneuil, the ILA board, strongly supported by LEAF, then many others with a very strong push by Ilia Stambler)

– Raadfest in San Diego

Gigantic longevity event in 2017. Didier Coeurnelle was one of the speakers. Paul Spiegel was present for who had a stand

– March for Science

The ILA communicated about longevity science throughout March for Science Forums Heales took part to a March in Brussels.

– Support for the Pasteur Institute’s aging orientation

– The ILA contributed to the orientation, was represented in their Longevity conference in Lille and presented in the Senescence conference in Paris (see below Longévité Santé)
– Alexandre Mauer and Didier Coeurnelle were invited by the Pasteur Institute in France for a conference during “La  semaine du Cerveau”

Main other activities

Olivier Rowland was nominated Editor of the ILA. He helped draft articles for various cases such as the ILA position with respect to WHO, the March for Science and supporting aging-related events organised by or at the Pasteur Institute.

– Some of the activities related to longevity that were organized by Heales, by the AFT-Technoprog and by Didier (member of the board) in 2017.

Transvision 2017. Big transhumanist event in Brussels in November with people from 20 countries. One of the main points of discussion was “Abolition of Ageing”.

Newsletter La mort de la mort. The monthly newsletter reached already the milestone of 100 letters this year

Heales scientific news is now each month online (work of Sven Bulterijs)

L‘association Française Transhumaniste organized many events and activities dedicated to longevity. Among these events and activities:

A video concerning the (false) problem of overpopulation

A conference concerning human testing for longevity in Paris

A two-day workshop during the Beyond Humanism Conference in Rome in July.

In October, Didier made his second Ted Talk about longevity in Belfort (France) (not yet online).

During 2017, Didier was invited by Amnesty International in Belgium, the Association médicale Avicennes near Paris, the medical and technological event Cybermed in Antibes and many other events. The full list of activities is available online.

Longévité Santé (France)

Exchanges with the Pasteur Institute, participation and help to organize Longevity research conferences at the Pasteur Institute in Lille and Paris. Presentation at Pasteur in Paris and organization of a tour at the Catacombs. (most involved persons: Edouard Debonneuil, Oliver Rowland, Kevin Perez, Catherine Coste, Adrien Moyer, Augustin Terlinden and Didier Coeurnelle)

Gatherings at La Paillasse in Paris. Gathering at Pizza del Arte with Aubrey de Grey

Presentation and exchanges with the political European action group EuropaNova to shape the Health 2030 program.

– American Longevity Alliance (US)


Some scientific articles in 2017 by key persons involved in the ILA, and scientific articles that reflect major changes in applied biogerontology in 2017

Baar MP, Brandt RMC, Putavet DA, Klein JDD, Derks KWJ, Bourgeois BRM, Stryeck S, Rijksen Y, van Willigenburg H, Feijtel DA, van der Pluijm I, Essers J, van Cappellen WA, van IJcken WF, Houtsmuller AB, Pothof J, de Bruin RWF, Madl T, Hoeijmakers JHJ, Campisi J, de Keizer PLJ (2017): Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells Restores Tissue Homeostasis in Response to Chemotoxicity and Aging. Cell; 169(1):132-147. Video (liked by 10 000 persons!):

Barardo D, Thornton D, Thoppil H, Walsh M, Sharifi S, Ferreira S, Anžič A, Fernandes M, Monteiro P, Grum T, Cordeiro R, De-Souza EA, Budovsky A, Araujo N, Gruber J, Petrascheck M, Fraifeld VE, Zhavoronkov A, Moskalev A, de Magalhães JP (2017): The DrugAge database of aging-related drugs. Aging Cell.;16(3):594-597. //Shows the extent at which a longevity business is rising, worldwide

Debonneuil E, Planchet F, Loisel S (2017): Do actuaries believe in longevity deceleration? Insurance: Mathematics and Economics; in press. //Denonciates projections used for retirement systems worldwide and suggests alternative models including longevity escape velocity and longevity risk hedging solutions

Mellon J, Chalabi A (2017): Juvenescence: Investing in the age of longevity. (Book). //a guide for investors worldwide: longevity research is the new eldorado!

Mendelsohn AR, Larrick JW, Lei JL (2017): Rejuvenation by Partial Reprogramming of the Epigenome. Rejuvenation Res.;20(2):146-150. //rejuvenating mice by having their tissues regenerate

Moskalev A, Anisimov V, Aliper A, Artemov A, Asadullah K, Belsky D, Baranova A, de Grey A, Dixit VD, Debonneuil E, Dobrovolskaya E, Fedichev P, Fedintsev A, Fraifeld V, Franceschi C, Freer R, Fülöp T, Feige J, Gems D, Gladyshev V, Gorbunova V, Irincheeva I, Jager S, Jazwinski SM, Kaeberlein M, Kennedy B, Khaltourina D, Kovalchuk I, Kovalchuk O, Kozin S, Kulminski A, Lashmanova E, Lezhnina K, Liu GH, Longo V, Mamoshina P, Maslov A, Pedro de Magalhaes J, Mitchell J, Mitnitski A, Nikolsky Y, Ozerov I, Pasyukova E, Peregudova D, Popov V, Proshkina E, Putin E, Rogaev E, Rogina B, Schastnaya J, Seluanov A, Shaposhnikov M, Simm A, Skulachev V, Skulachev M, Solovev I, Spindler S, Stefanova N, Suh Y, Swick A, Tower J, Gudkov AV, Vijg J, Voronkov A, West M, Wagner W, Yashin A, Zemskaya N, Zhumadilov Z, Zhavoronkov A (2017): A review of the biomedical innovations for healthy longevity. Aging (Albany NY).;9(1):7-25 //an overview of ongoing life extension developments, out of many

A big loss

Sadly David Latapie decided to end his life in February 2017. Member of the board, he was a true transhumanist and life extensionist and had helped projects in many circumstances. He was the one who notably filmed the “I’m a little mouse” crowdfunding videos, and most importantly he was the one who had established the ILA juridic structure.


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