ILA 2016 report

International Longevity Alliance (ILA) – Annual Report for 2016

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International Longevity Alliance (ILA) – Annual Report for 2016 – draft

Crowdfunding for a senolytics mouse lifespan test

Longevity Month

United States of America

Belgium and the Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging 2016 (EHA) conference, organized by Healthy Life Extension Society (HEALES)









Spain and Venezuela





United Kingdom

Life extension activities around the International Longevity Alliance

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Articles, presentations and books by ILA members and supporters

ILA board activities


Crowdfunding for a senolytics mouse lifespan test

  • At the ILA, it was decided to start a less structured research with one or a series of crowdfundings

    • A specific website was created:

    • It was decided to go through the burgeonning crowdfunding platform

    • Thanks to strong help by Steve Hill and Elena Milova in particular, but also the whole team including and surrounding the ILA board, and Alexandra Stolzing, Josh Mitteldorf and Edouard Debonneuil for the scientific part, a senolytics mouse lifespan test was crowdfunded

    • At the end of 2016, efforts are still being undertaken by Steve and Elena in particular to provide the presents associated with donations, and the experiment is still being adjusted in the Leipzig lab.

    • If all goes well, next crowdfundings may typically mix the senolytics approach with stem cell and/or rejuvenation signal approaches in order to improve the replacement of old tissues by new tissues.

Longevity Month

Like every year since  2013, longevity promotion events have been organized in various places worldwide in October by many like-minded organizations. This year, we reused the 2013 website to mark some evolution and used the following domain name: Further organizational and promotional actions associated with this campaign were done at the site Longevity for All

United States of America

It makes sense to start with this country given the size of the life extension movement there, as represented by its events.

On October 1st and 2nd, the International Conference on Aging and Disease (ICAD) took place at Stanford University, organized by the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD):  

A special panel was held at the conference on “Public support for Aging Research” (contact: Ilia Stambler)

Also, the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension (MILE) produced a promotional video for the desirability and hope of life extension:


Additional smaller promotional events, including dinners and social media postings in honor of the campaign took place in the US.

Belgium and the Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging 2016 (EHA) conference, organized by Healthy Life Extension Society (HEALES)

It makes sense to continue with Belgium given the amplitude and the importance of the ILA in the EHA conference.

Third EuroSymposium on Healthy Ageing – a 3 day conference with worldwide biogerontology experts

September 29th – October 1st. Organised by Heales. Special recognition for Didier Coeurnelle and Sven Bulterijs

During that conference, activists wrote and signed The Brussels Declaration for Radical Healthspan Extension to promote a much longer and healthier life everywhere.

Didier Coeurnelle, member of the board of the ILA and cochair of Heales was a few time in the media in Belgium to speak about longevity and transhumanism (RTBF Radio, RTL TV,..)

Didier Coeurnelle made a TED Talk for the University ULB in Brussels:

Staying human by living longer

The members of Heales meet each month in the Café “A la mort subite” in Brussels.

Heales produces each month an electronic newsletter “La mort de la mort

Longevity Dinner on Saturday October 29th

Also in Belgium, an informal meeting of longevity activists took place at Rue de la Longue vie (long life street!:-)) in Brussels, on October 29.


Avinash K Singh from India Future Society (IFS) and Alyse Sue from Genomix, Australia, organized the ‘Longevity Month’ event in Sydney on 20th of October, 2016.

Also, on October 1st, the Australia-New Zealand Chapter of LongeCity, the worldwide life extension forum, organized an event in Melbourne. Contact: Adam Karlovsky



On line promotions were done by activists of the Israeli Longevity Alliance. This included

– the publication of special articles:

– and promotions on social media, also for the international longevity month campaign as a whole:

Contact: Ilia Stambler


A seminar was organized by Longevity Nigeria group:

Contact: Agbolade Omowole


A series of educational meetings and seminars on healthy longevity research and care have been conducted during the Longevity Day and Aging Awareness Month by the Pakistan Aging Research Society (PARS) and the National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) in several universities throughout Pakistan — in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Virtual University of Pakistan, and more, with a wide media coverage – raising the awareness about the field at a massive level.

Special thanks to the president of PARS and NAYS, who led this campaign – Aftab Ahmad.


Following the Vanguard Scientific Instruments in Management conference, a special declaration was issued by Bulgarian Longevity activists.

Contact: Angel Marchev Sr.


On October 14th, a Longevity Meetup in Helsinki took place as a part of the Longevity Month celebrations.

Contact: Florian Cauvin, Antti Peltonen


Didier Coeurnelle, member of the board of the ILA and cochair of Heales was frequently in the media in France to speak about longevity and transhumanism (France-info télévision, LCI, La chaine parlementaire)

Didier Coeurnelle was taking part to events concerning longevity

Two small evenings were organized in Paris by Edouard Debonneuil: on October 13th and 29th. One small evening was organized in Nice by Oliver Rowland