Georgia Longevity Alliance joins ILA

Georgia Longevity Alliance joined ILA as a registered non-profit organization in Georgia. 

The group of dedicated longevity activists, which includes researchers and artists among other people, decided to register at its traditional meeting to celebrate longevity on October 1, 2015 the UN International Day of the Older Persons. The activists and interested people discussed strategies of GLA development and its activities.

Dr. Jaba Tkemaladze, GLA Chair, gave interview to the most popular newspaper “Asaval Dasavali”, on longevity research including prospective clinical trials of gero-protectors, as he had special interest in therapy with dasatinib and quercetin. This interview was followed by many calls and letters from the interested people.

The GLA leaders plan to explore the opportunity of initiating geroprotector tests on human subjects, with special attention on Dasatinib and Quercetin combination, due to its high rejuvenation potential and established safety profile. The team plans to collect information and consult with the key experts on this matter. In the future, GLA plans to assess CRISPR applications to increase healthy longevity, as soon as more clinical data is obtained worldwide.

Other GLA plans include exploring opportunities of lifestyle and physiotherapeutic anti-ageing interventions, at the  facility of Dr. Paata Chelidze.

The website of the Georgia Longevity Alliance in Georgian language is being currently developed.


Georgia Longevity Alliance
Dr. Jaba Tkemaladze