General ILA meeting and General Assembly

ILA board meeting – Saturday 6 PM CEST 2018 01 06

Here to view the discussion: youtube link  (1h30 but good to understand the ILA and how to contribute)

Present : Members of the board Anton Kulaga, Didier Coeurnelle, Edouard Debonneuil, Daria Khaltourina; Alexei, Yuri, Adam Alonzi, Jean-Baptiste, Justin Loew, Adrián Correa, Johnny Adams; confirmed viewers only: Josh Mitteldorf, Tony Fatica (possibly others viewed but trouble due to google hangout link change).

Excused: members of the board Paul Spiegel, Avinash Singh; Olivier Rowland, Griffin Brumley, Tatyana Gneteva, Oleh Lushchak, Patrick Doe, Lorenzo Colombani, Joe da Silva, Dmitry Dzhagarov


In 2017 and earlier there were many ILA board meetings (between one and two per months) and recent exchanges in skype suggested to perform an open meeting, opened to any ILA supporter. Here it is.

1. Organization of the General Assembly

Healthy Life Extension Society (Heales) – for revoting




Longévité & Santé – continuing one year more




Russian Regional Organization “Council for Public Health and the Problems of Demography”- continuing one year more




American Longevity Alliance – for revoting (to be confirmed)




India Future Society – issue with time? For meetings Yes for revote, a priori (to be confirmed)




SENS Research Foundation, whom ? [Aubrey after the meeting, he proposed Maria Entraigues: ]




Longevity Reporter – left the board : no revote




Georgian Longevity Alliance – Conduct rule: not present anymore (to be confirmed)




NGO “Committee of Public Health of Medeusky district” –  Conduct rule: not present anymore (to be confirmed)




Israeli Longevity Alliance – not candidating in 2018.





de Velasco Hinojosa

Ana Maria Guadalupe


Astrum – to be confirmed

de la Parra

Alejandro del Parra


Institute of Exponential Sciences – to be confirmed

Zivkovic Zerec

Demian Zivkovic Zerec




Someone else

than for Heales

Individual members (“star members”) and helpers can’t join the board – only federated members – but in 2018 the board will organize very short “board meetings” followed by large “ILA meetings” where everyone will be able to participate.


2. Projects for 2018 (or rather objectives)

      – Didier: EuroSymposium on Healthy Ageing ( at end of the year: ILA could be helping: big event. November 8, 9 and 10. Maybe we could have there a physical meeting of the International Longevity Alliance.

      – Edouard: we should similarly encourage federated members to have their specific topic (Heales EuroSymposium and perhaps Europe, La Mort de la Mort; LongeCity Forum; Longévité & Santé Pasteur Institute @aging WHO and OECD in France, ICD-11: Daria & Youri Russia, AFT LongLongLife); this is not restrictive either and anyone can help them.

      – General topics for lots of organizations:

                  – WHO: Ilia, ISOAD, GHPI

                  – Pushing for Clinical trials in people (supporting others):  Tests in humans: please investigate if you are 50+ ! :

                              – Rescue Elders (Miami, South Florida). January 21st.

                              – OpenLongevity (Russia)

                  – AFT – Technoprog: about 50 % of the work of the AFT is related to longevity.

                  – Events: RAADfest — Didier to be seen later if there could be an ILA stand. Adam Alonzi: RAAD event = older population compared to other conferences in life extension: rather good.

                  – Someone working for the ILA in 2018. Ex of money source: Donator’s page (in the last 365 days). Ex: PhD / post doc with free time for the ILA. Ex:  ILACoin / longevityCoin ? (Jean-Baptiste & Edouard to discuss about it). It is a very risky decision (the brand may look ridicule), but there is a lot of cash. It is dangerous to “mix” these risks of cryptocurrency and the risks of health. In the book of Jim Mellon, not much on that.


3. Approval of the Annual report – Ok

                  Former annual ILA reports: 2016 2015 2014 (+here) 2013 2012

4. Varia

      – We should perform larger meetings, more informal (preliminary 30 minutes board meeting)

      – Mention of a few conferences in 2018:

            – EuroSymposium 2018 in Brussels, November 8-10

            – Transvision 2018 in Madrid, October 19-21

            – RAADfest 2018 in San Diego, September 20-23

            – Undoing Aging 2018 in Berlin, March 15-17

At the end of the meeting, Daria, Adrián and Johnny came and their projects were discussed (see youtube recording)


Saturday, January 27th, 2018

This ILA General Assembly was considerably less crowded than previous ones, a priori (and as confirmed by a comment on the skype group ILA-Longevity 24/7) due to a lack of advertising in the previous days this time. There was Anton Kulaga, Daria Khaltourina, Didier Coeurnelle, Josh Mitteldorf (who arrived at the end), Paul Spiegel, Maria Entraigues and Edouard Debonneuil.

We still had to do the General Assembly and revote the board to follow the rules. We voted that the new board is composed of Daria Khaltourina, Didier Coeurnelle, Paul Spiegel, Maria Entraigues and Edouard Debonneuil (5 persons representing 5 organizations – Maria Entraigues of course represents SENS), leaving room for up to 5 other board members to be added during the year.

The next meeting will be on Saturday February 24th at 6 pm CEST and will deal with potential complementary board members but especially about ICD-11.