Focusing on many healthy tomorrows on the international Future Day – March 1

In this age of distraction it is all too easy to spend too much time thinking about things that don’t really matter – since 2012, March 1 has been designated as Future Day, a day for thinking about how to build the best future we can. As the organisers point out, without sufficient attention, and positive action resulting from it, the future may not be the one that we want.

Whether it is to make the most of our own futures, or that of humanity in general, there is no more important topic than healthy longevity, and with renowned aging expert Aubrey de Grey recently announcing ( that the key ‘SENS’ goal of ‘robust mouse rejuvenation’ is probably just five or six years away, there is all the more reason to expect that future can be bright.

We would therefore encourage people to consider organising an event to mark Future Day to help boost its profile internationally, and in particular to take this opportunity to discuss and promote ideas about how we can live longer lives in good health.

You can find out more about Future Day at its official website and on its social media (see links on the site). In the meantime, here are two longevity-themed events you may be interested in. If you know of more, or want to tell us about how your event went, send your reports and photos to:



Future Day at Prudence Bar, North Melbourne

There will be short talks on the topics of ‘The trap of futures past’ and ‘The future and you’ as well as plenty of time to socialise and exchange ideas. Food and drink can be ordered on an individual basis from the bar.
More information:


Future Day – Human augmentation technologies at Facultatea de Electronică, Telecomunicații și Tehnologia Informației, Bucarest

A meeting to discuss the future of human augmentation technologies including genetic modification, brain-computer interfaces, regenerative medicine and nanorobotics and how these may augment and extend human abilities as soon as possible. Including a talk by bioinformatician Anton Kulaga.

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Paris, Chatelet Les Halles : ZA Café Littéraire Déjeuner avec Longévité & Santé et Edouard Debonneuil



Memories: Future Day in 2014: