Elena Milova is joining the ILA as an Adviser for Organizational Development

Elena’s areas of expertise include the improvement of organizational structure, tools and guidelines, crowdsourcing and media work, management training for activists. She is the coordinator of activities for aging prevention and control at the Council for Public Health and Demography, Russia.

Elena received education in psychology and business training, and she has been working in the pharmaceutical and advertising industries. She has been an activist for technoprogressive and pro-longevity organizations over the last years including Russian Transhumanist Movement, Council for Public Health and Demography, TEDMEDLive Russia, etc.

Elena’s motto: “Try to do today only the things that will make your tomorrow better”

Elena’s activities in the ILA are:

–          Strategic planning organization;

–          Organizational tools setup;

–          Teambuilding counseling.

Last few months Elena is sharing her experience in organizational development with the ILA board, she offered to use Skills questionnaire and currently is managing the implementation of other useful tools.

Elena will be happy to help every local and project leader of the ILA to develop his/her team, necessary tools and to make first steps in activity planning. Feel free to chat with her in skype zerzalo and to e-mail her milova.ea@gmail.com .