Call and prize for longevity activism and raising public awareness about longevity research

The ILA presents: The Longevity Activism Prize. Participate by submitting your most creative ideas to help raise public awareness about longevity research. The winner of the 1st prize will be awarded 3000 dollars!

Applications are due by November 10, 2020.

Following the tradition set in 2013, starting from October 1 (“The UN International Day of Older Persons”) longevity research activists from around the world organize events and promotions throughout October, as a part of the “Longevity Month” Campaign. All events and promotions focus on support of biomedical research into aging to improve healthy longevity for the global population. Throughout the years, hundreds of events and promotions were organized in the framework of this campaign in dozens of countries. This tradition will continue also in October 2020.

This is a great opportunity to organize an online or live meeting to strengthen the longevity advocacy community or organize a special publication or promotion (in different languages) to increase the awareness of the longevity cause. With a sufficient joint demonstration of support, these actions can draw the attention and sympathy of the “mainstream” public and decision makers, and help make healthy longevity a global priority.

This year, as physical gatherings are limited in many places, we invite you to be creative about available ways to raise public awareness about the healthy longevity cause. We call on you to create online events, materials and promotions to educate the broad public about the importance of healthy longevity research, development and application.

The International Longevity Alliance (ILA) will award prizes for the most creative and most impactful works for raising public awareness about the healthy longevity cause, with a focus on promoting scientific longevity research and therapy development and application. These can be online longevity conferences and podcasts, works of art of any kind, short videos and media, educational and inspirational texts, apps, games and memes, websites and pages, advocacy campaigns – anything that can help raise public awareness and support for the longevity cause.

Three prizes will be awarded for the most creative and effective promotions: The first prize (3,000 $), Second prize (1,000 $), Third prize (5 books about Life Extension). 

You are welcome to send preliminary suggestions, ideas and plans to the ILA board at any time, but the prizes will be awarded for the actual promotional actions performed toward and during the October “Longevity Month” campaign. The presented works have to respect copyright laws. The applicants should send to the ILA board the reports about their promotional actions throughout October 2020. The reports should be up to 2 pages long, presenting the longevity promotion action and its present and expected impact on public awareness. The deadline for the reports submission is November 10. The decision about the awards will be made by the ILA board after the end of the Longevity Month actions and after reviewing the reports, on November 15. This procedure will encourage the best longevity activism and advocacy promotion actions.

Looking forward to hearing about you and your actions, and receiving your longevity activism and awareness prize applications. 

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