An ILA federated member – Slovenian Society for Vital Life Extension – organizes an online conference on Ageism and Vital Life Extension

An ILA federated member – Slovenian Society for Vital Life Extension – organizes the online conference:


11. 6. 2020, 15:00-19:00 (CET)

12. 6. 2020, 15:00-19:00 (CET)


Participants of the project Researching the Problem of Ageism and Business Opportunities in New Medical Technologies that Improve Health and Longevity of the Elderly, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund, in collaboration with Faculty of Arts Ljubljana, Celica LLC and Slovenian Society for Vital Life Extension, are organizing a web conference Being 100 Years Young.

The near future promises technologies that could significantly help prolong healthy life expectancy. Biological aging, which creates disabilities and diseases, is, from an economic and social point of view, an acute challenge for modern society.

The advent of medical technology, which has a positive impact on health and longevity of the elderly, can redefine demographic facts, perspectives on health and life in the future, and pose new ethical questions. Through in-depth discussions, the conference aims to focus on identifying the medical, biological, social and ethical aspects that will shape the society and the person of the future.

Conference presentations (in English and Slovenian)


  • dr. med. Brane Gaber, University Medical Centre Ljubljana
  • prof. dr. Jana Goriup, Alma Mater Europae
  • dr. Aubrey de Grey, CSO SENS Research Foundation
  • prof. dr. Dušan Keber, former Minister of Health
  • prof. dr. Danijela Lahe, Faculty of Arts UM
  • prof. Stephen Minger, Ph.D., dir. SLM Blue Skies Innovations Ltd.
  • mag. Boštjan Petrič, Faculty of Medicine UL
  • prof. dr. Igor Pribac, Faculty of Arts UL
  • prof. dr. Primož Rožman, dr. med., Institute of Transfusion Medicine Ljubljana
  • dr. Boris Simončič, dr. dent. med., SIMED d.o.o.
  • Didier Coeurnelle, HEALES, ILA
  • dr. Ilia Stambler, Ph.D., pres. International Longevity Alliance
  • David Wood, MA., pres. London Futurists
  • prof. dr. Robert Zorec, dir. Celica Biomedical


  • Jakob Drašček, School of Economics and Business UL
  • Nastja Jalovec, Faculty of Arts UL
  • Martin Lipovšek, Faculty of Arts UL
  • Metka Kovačič, Faculty of Arts UL
  • Klara Vulikić, Faculty of Arts UL

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