Daria Khaltourina (Russia, Moscow), PhD.

Daria has been a Founding Member and a Board Member of the International Longevity Alliance (as a Chair of the Board of the Russian Regional Russian NGO “Council for Public Health and Demography”). She specialized on working with governments and advocacy, but also coordinates activities

She received Ph.D. in anthropology, and after a few years of academic career I gradually moved into the area of public health advocacy, including anti-liquor and anti-tobacco control in Russia and internationally. I am co-chair of the Russian Coalition for Tobacco Control and Russian Coalition of Alcohol Control.

She currently works at promoting regulation beneficial for biomedical R&D, especially in the area of curing and preventing pathologies of aging. Daria is currently a coordinator of “Healthy Longevity” segment of the Russian National Technological Initiative. She was a major driving force in promoting this initiative to ensure governmental funding for R&D in the area of longevity, which resulted in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

She also works at promoting longevity research at the World Health Organization structures, including the changes to ICD11. The proposal developed her and a group of colleagues is under review at the WHO.