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SKILLS :: Longevity Activist Questionnaire to Unleash ILA’s Power!

SKILLS :: Longevity Activist Questionnaire to Unleash ILA’s Power!

Announcing our new web-tool for efforts synchronization and synergy!

Author: AdrianIvanov/Sunday, July 27, 2014/Categories: News

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Dear All,


See how many we are; but also the diversity of our talents! The true power to change the world, to tackle aging and related diseases and live much longer in good health... is YOU! Our true success comes from knowing and using such ressources -- ourselves-- in a synchronized and synergistic way.


At the board [1], over the two last years we had started to engage people and projects [2,3,4] based on whom we know and encounter. This is a good start, but it doesn't scale well -- specific tools are needed. After various thinkings (special mention for Elena Milova !) I am proud to indicate a webform on to collect life-extensionist's powers; all in one place, along with information about city and country, in order to design a world wide synchronized strategy against aging: !


Instructions: click on the link. Register/login on ILA, tell us about you, your interests, your skills and abilities, your strengths, the way you think you can help all your fellow ILA members around the world to achieve our goal!

For a longer life!







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