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I am a little mouse and I want to live longer!

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"I am a little mouse and I want to do something big in my life! I want to live long and healthy and I want YOU to gain additional years of healthy life!" Donate for the project here: WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO Life is precious. Health too. This is why communities of researchers and citizens dedicate our lives to discover new ways to gain additional years of healthy life. As research progresses, more and more compounds are believed to be good to maintain health over long periods of time. But wouldn't that take decades of clinical trials to verify it? A key step is to do such a clinical trial... in mice : that is what we call a mouse lifespan test. Mouse lifespan tests are infrequent because of their length, their costs and the required environments; but it is crucially needed to continue adding years of healthy life. Here, we step on the shoulders of giants : by contributing you can help us test a combination of drugs shown to extend healthy lifespan in mice. The largest life extension in mice so far resulted from a similar effort, where one mouse lived very close to 5 years (mice usually live 2-3 years)! The result should be key to to optimally search for additional years of healthy life.
WHY IT IS IMPORTANT This experiment has something unique. It is the first time in the world that crowdfunding is used to test a combination of the most potent nongenetic interventions known to extend the lifespan. The results will help in the search for life prolonging treatments for both animals and humans. Analogous experiments have hardly been done in mammals and have usually been done only for the immediate short-term effects, without checking the effects on the animal’s entire lifespan. For these reasons in many cases you never know for sure whether the drugs you take shorten your lifespan or make you live longer and healthier. Whether the treated animals will live healthier and longer is not obvious. In drug testing experiments, combinations of treatments sometimes work together in synergy, but sometimes are detrimental. So, in spite of our carefully chosen choice of drugs to combine, there is a risk that the combination may be detrimental to the lifespan. But that will be worth knowing too, as that will give a warning sign for people. In either case, the results will be valuable for the development of health science. The results will be published in a peer-reviewed open access journal (gold and green route).
EXPERIMENT DETAILS There are *right now* in the lab a sufficient number of aged mice (~20 months old) – male and female - which belong to the C57Bl6 strain to start a lifespan test. The mice will be divided into 2 test groups (females and males) and 2 control groups (24 animals per each group). The test will be blind. The food of the treated mice will contain: * An α-adrenergetic receptor blocker (metoprolol). Potential action: Prevents too fast heart beats. * An mTOR inhibitor (everolimus, similar action as rapamycin). Potential action: Puts cells in an active and resistant mode. * Metformin. Potential action: Normalizes blood and IGF-1 values at low levels. It also has potential similarities with everolimus. * Simvastatin. Action: Decreases the amount of LDL cholesterol (considered as 'bad' by some) in the blood. * Ramipril: an ACE inhibitor. Action: Prevents hypertension. * Aspirin. When small doses are used, it is believed to have reduced side effects while improving blood flow and therefore reducing cardiovascular risks, and potentially also preventing incidence of some cancers. Of note, the fact that those drugs extend the lifespan of mice (in good health!) does not necessarily mean that those explanations are the right explanatory factors. Just like aspirin, that has been sufficiently used to notice various effects other than improving blood flow, medicines can have various effects over time, and assessing overall beneficial effects is of high importance for health.
HOW THE DONATIONS WILL BE USED Crowdfunding is needed to buy these drugs and food for animals and to uphold the conditions of the experiments (that will make the results even more reliable). If we wait any longer, the mice will be in the "strong dying phase" of their life and it will make the experiment useless. So we cannot wait for academic grant money, we have used our own money to start the experiment and count on the help of the Crowd to continue. Also, additional money will help prepare for other experiments of this type. This project will be the first step toward the creation of a research facility for automated testing of healthy lifespan extending interventions.
THE TEAM We are longevity researchers and citizens, who dedicate our lifes to discover new ways to live longer and healthier. Edouard Debonneuil, France, aging researcher affiliated with the European Healthy Life Extension Society (Heales) and International Longevity Alliance (ILA) working on applying molecular biology of aging to extend the healthy lifespan.         Prof. Stephen Spindler is chief scientific adviser, affiliated with University of California, Riverside. Prof. Iryna N. Pishel is the principal investigator, affiliated with the Institute of Gerontology of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Kiev Dmitri W. Shytikov, PhD student and other researchers  of Immunology & Pathophysiology Laboratory of Kiev Institute of Gerontology Other activists and researchers of the International Longevity Alliance ( ) who helped to make it happen: Anton Kulaga, Daniel Wuttke, Ilia Stambler, Oleg Serdyuk, Shanee Nishry Special thanks to Aubrey de Grey who benevolently provided SENS Foundation as campaign carrier, so all donations are tax deductible for american donors.  
For more details and to donate, visit the crowdfunding page:

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