Healthy longevity for all through scientific research

History of the International Longevity Alliance

At the beginnings of the XXIst century, with the advancement of biology of aging and of the Internet, research goes outside of the lab and is discussed online. Various forums and mailing-lists emerge that are related to life-extension. The Methuselah Foundation Forums, that later becomes the SENS forum. The Immortality Institute, that later becomes the LongeCity forum. Some groups take place at specific locations. The Gerontology Research Group in Los Angeles, the Healthy Life Extension Society in Brussels, and others.

In summer 2012, with the advancement of social networks, a facebook group for the science of life extension grows exponentially. Debates on how to position it with respect to the mainstream ideas of the time, and whether to be non governmental organisations, lead the group to be called Longevity Party and another yet similar group to be called International Longevity Alliance. Longevity Party is mostly lead by longevity activists from Russia, in particular Mikhail Batin, the president of the Foundation "Science for life extension". The International Longevity Alliance is mostly lead by Ilia Stambler and a few activists, who gradually build groups in various countries, links with existing longevity networks, and projects that require crowd-action.

No matter the name, the longevity activists join forces to carry out conferences, meetings, round tables and public events worldwide, dedicated to support longevity technologoes. In October 2013, Longevity events are organized in more that 30 countries. In the end of 2013, the core group of regularly working activists has formed, which becomes the ILA board in 2014. Four main fields are chosen as the ILA priorities:
  • Supporting the scientific research in the domain of biological aging and geroprotective technologies
  • Facilitating professional networking within the research community, building connections with decision makers, business and general public
  • Improving the regulatory policy for geroprotective technologies
  • Educating general public on the matter of scientifically grounged methods of life extension
Volunteers are lacking to build the axis as fast as desired, luckily the one reading this text clicks on "Join us", enters his skills and enters the history of life extension :-)
Still, the board of ILA and a few activists build the structure:
  • After a long period of discussion and research on the best conditions for registering, the ILA is registered as a foundation in France, Paris, in September 2014.
  • In October 2014, the ILA chooses a symbol: sparklers. The "LightSpan" campaign is run, dedicated to focus public attention on aging as a healthcare problem.
  • In December 2014, the fundraising campaign for the ILA scientific project Mouse is launched to gather resources for large geroprotectors testing program in mice.
  • The rest... depends on the reader here.