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Board members

International Longevity Alliance board members

Daniel Wuttke (Germany), PhD.  Initiator of open-source scientific research platform Denigma. Specialist in biochemistry, biology, molecular medicine, genomics, programming and networking. Currently Daniel is working at the SENS Research Foundation in California. Key vision: deciphering aging using existing knowledge and the digital intelligence.

Edouard Debonneuil
Edouard Debonneuil (France).  Former biology of aging researcher at UCLA,the Pasteur Institute and Inserm, now life actuary specialised in biometric risks. President of the French branch ("Longévité Santé"). Member of the board of Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society), European NGO based in Brussels. Strong supporter of GRG and Longecity. Co-author of a book called "Longevity Risk". Key vision: mouse lifespan tests and human statistics to find out what prolongs life and health.

Didier Coeurnelle (Belgium). Co-chair of Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society), the largest non-profit organization in Continental Europe promoting and advocating scientific research into longevity and biogerontology.  Vice-president of the French association AFT-Technoprog, that aims to spread the themes and questions related to technologies that could extend and enhance the lives of individuals and of humankind. Author of the book "Et si on arrêtait de vieillir! Réalité, enjeux et perspectives d'une vie en bonne santé beaucoup plus longue" (french). Active member of environmental movements for more than 20 years. Key vision: communicating.


Аdrian Ivanov Correa (Columbia). WebIT specialist. Has built the ILA web platform. President of the columbian branch. Key vision: life is beautiful and eternity is needed to admire it.
Anton Kulaga (Ukraine). Founder of H+Ukraine, core-developer of the open-source scientific research platform Denigma, initiator of the joint SENS Foundation and Kiev Institute of Gerontology (Ukraine) crowdfunding project "I am a little mouse", aimed to test several geroprotectors in mice. Specialist in programming, data visualization, semancit web, and networking. Key-vision: doing, learning-by-doing, teaching to the crowd, and crowd-sourcing.
David Latapie (France). Longevity... and health! That is why biology of aging has all its sense. Organiser, technologist, transhumanist thinker, David is an active member of Technoprog! Aside, David also has a deep knowledge of legal aspects for organisations and funding. Key vision: think far to build now.
Liz Parrish (USA). Complex Biological Systems Alliance.
Daria Khaltourina (Russia), PhD. Chair of the Board of the Council for Public Health and Demography in Russia; sociologist, demographer, and longevity activist. Daria advocates the state policy and social changes leading to the decrease in mortality and life expectancy increase, including the measures for disease prevention and innovative biomedical technology developments. Daria is the Co-Chair of the Russian Anti-Tobacco Coalition and of the Russian Coalition for Alcohol Control. She has authored and co-authored 9 monographs and more than 100 articles on anti-crisis social management, public health and demography. Key vision: we acknowledge health as a human right.
Paul Spiegel (USA). Aeon Biowares, Inc., Paul is a lawyer, an eclectic person whose knowledge covers most fields and who humor touches everyone. Paul is active in supporting technological changes for much longer and healthier lives, and brings his knowledge and expertise to the ILA. Key vision: c'est la vie!