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TheUnited StatesCongress and Federal Regulatory Agencies: Support Biomedical Research on Aging   

Petition by The American Longevity Alliance (an arm of the International Longevity Alliance)   

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, made the astute comment that "Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late." The United States’ sizable Baby Boomer generation is advancing towards retirement age. With that comes increased disease, reduced quality of life, an often-prolonged decline with infirmity, and eventually the tragedy of death. The consequences and the costs of the aging Boomer population are already beginning to have a profound effect on the Boomers themselves, their families and all of society. This will increase exponentially in coming years. Unless we do something to address the process of aging itself our health care systems and Social Security will almost certainly become burdened to the point of placing the survival of our social safety nets in jeopardy. It is time for our nation to undertake a serious discussion about the work to prevent this from happening. As stated in the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2013, "Mismanagement of Population Aging," failure to address both the rising costs and social challenges associated with population aging is the greatest societal risk of the coming decade. This is particularly true for the United States because of our exorbitant healthcare costs and during this sensitive time as we enact the Affordable Healthcare Act. We must prioritize the maintenance of a good quality of life for all Americans: the young, those of working age, and those of advanced age, because it takes all of us to constitute our vibrant society. Older Americans deserve the opportunity to remain in sound health and mind and not languishing in nursing homes, physically and financially dependent on taxpayers. The solution for giving Americans new options as they age is to develop new methods to intervene in the underlying causes of aging. But sadly, the current funding for such an approach is a virtually nonexistent fraction of the Federal medical research budget. 

In order to make meaningful progress in managing the process of aging, America needs to: 

1) Ensure a significant increase of Federal funding for biomedical research of aging, including an increase of the budget of the National Institute of Health (NIH) dedicated to this purpose. 

2) Develop and adopt a legal and regulatory framework that is designed to specifically address the development, registration, and administering of drugs and other therapies to ameliorate the aging process. 

3) Establish a medical advisory board to develop clinical guidelines to modulate the aging process and a scientific advisory board to steer future research on the topic. We urge our elected representatives and regulators to undertake this vitally important issue and bring it to the forefront of public discussion. This approach is critically needed to achieve a healthier and resilient society for current generations and those yet to come.


To: The President of the United States The U.S. Senate The U.S. House of Representatives

I implore you to use your influence to support a much more invigorated effort for us to understand the biological causes of aging and weakening of our bodies, with the goal of making meaningful increases to the length of Americans' healthy lifespans. Thank you for your attention to this matter -- your support is appreciated and will be noted!

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