Organizing the Longevity Month Campaign for October 2019

As every year since 2013, we prepare for the Longevity Month campaign in October. This traditional campaign has combined the activities of many organizations and individual activists working to promote research, development and application for healthy longevity around the world. During the years, hundreds of events, publications and other promotional actions were organized in dozens of countries in the framework of this campaign. These activities help build up the longevity activism into a massive global grassroots movement with a sizable impact on public health and research policy.

Here are some examples of the past activities.

This year too, we invite you to organize longevity-related events, publications and promotions during the month of October, advocating to enhance research, development and education for the promotion of healthy longevity and prevention of aging-related diseases.

If you organize or participate in an event, publication or promotion in your country, please contact us, so we could present and combine the events together as a united global campaign. Thank you for your support and involvement!

In the framework of this campaign, events and promotions are already being organized in over 10 countries! Add yours!

For organizing the events in you are area, you are welcome to use the longevity activists map that was created to faciliate finding and commnunicating of local longevity activists, especially for the longevity month campaign.

1. Israel    
Organizer: Ilia Stambler     
Organization: Israeli Longevity Alliance
Type of event: Seminar, Online promotion 
Details of the event: TBA
Site/fb group/page

2. Cyprus

Organizer: Marios Kyriazis

Event details: 

A series of lectures on healthy ageing for the public organised by the Foundation of the Third Age (Cyprus Ministry of Labour), the National Gerontology Centre (Cyprus) and the University of Nicosia. These will take place in all major cities in Cyprus and are sponsored by the Rotary Club of Larnaca.

3. Pakistan    
Organizer: Aftab Ahmad    
Organization: Pakistan National Academy of Young Scientists        

Type of event: Seminar, Online promotion

Details of the event: TBA

Site/fb group/page

4. Finland    
Organizer: Antti Peltonen  
Organization: Longevity Finland
Type of event: Longevity dinner

Event details: TBA    

Site/fb group/page

5. Rwanda    
Organizer: Osinakachi Akuma Kalu 
Organization: Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion    
Type of event: Conference. 
Event details: October 7-11. University of Rwanda Kigali
Event site:

6. Bulgaria    
Organizer: Angel Marchev

Organization: Bulgarian Academic Simulation and Gaming
Type of event: Conference. 
Event details: September 5-11, Ravda, Bulgaria, with Online announcement on October 1
Conference site:

7. Belgium    
Organizer: Didier Coeurnelle

Organization: HEALES - Healthy Life Extension Society
Type of event: Seminar
Event details: TBA  

Site/fb group/page           

8. France    
Organizer: Edouard Debonneuil 
Organization: Longévité Santé
Event details: TBA

Site/fb group/page

9. Monaco

Organizer: Oliver Rowland

Organization: HEALES - Healthy Life Extension Society

Type of event: Seminar

Event Details: TBA

10. USA

- Organization: RAAD Fest

Type of event: Conference

Event details: Las Vegas, October 3-6

Event site

- Berkeley Exploration in Aging Research Symposium (BEARS)

Type of event: conference

Event details: the University of California, Berkeley, October 12th

- Organizer: Micah Redding

Organization: Christian Transhumanist Association

Type of event Conference

Event details: Christian Transhumanist Conference 2019. October 19, Nashville, Tennessee.

Site/fb group/page

11. Russia

- Type of event: Conference

Event details: Elderly Patient. Moscow. September 30-October 1

Event site:

- Type of event: Conference

Event details: European Congress ECOPRAM 2019, October 6-7, Russia, Gelendzhik (Black Sea)

Event site:

12. Nigeria    
Organizer: Agbolade Omowole        
Organization: Longevity Nigeria    
Type of event: Seminar. 
Details of the event: TBA
Site/fb group/page

13. Canada

Organizer: Kim Solez

Type of event: Seminar

Details of the event: University of Alberta, Canada. TBA

14. China

Type of event: Meetup

Details of the event: TBA

Organizer: Beijing Technium

15. Montenegro

Type of event: Longevity School

Organizer: Open Longevity, Moscow