Major Mouse Testing Program: Team and Subteams

You certainly remember that the board of the International Longevity Alliance and of the Longevity Party recently agreed to try, together, to fund a Major Mouse Testing Program. Details about that agreement and what that project would be can be found here[1].


Since that time, thanks to the SKILLS tool (a questionaire where anyone can indicate his will to volunteer for longevity projects: ) a team of volunteers has been recruted. And... we met today to define the first stones of this project that, we believe, can start to strongly increase human healthy lifespan in a few years only.


Goal of the project: get a number of ways to increase lifespan and healthspan of mice, within a few years -- interventions that could potentially be applied to humans (for example, not a genetic modification since birth). And at least one intervention that shows a strong life extension without strong side effects. To get there... there are a number of milestones to reach.


First parallel subgoals and people at stake: 

1-- Making presentations: Dmitri Borisoglebsky (Latvia) and Alexey Antonov (Russia), who routinely build presentations for management and investors, will make diferent types of presentations in English (dense presentation for research grants, light presentations for quick contacts, etc), with help on the biological side from Martin Dinov (England) and Maciej Michalak (Poland).

2-- Making a first draft list of interventions to test: Alexandru Chircu (Romania) will start making a draft list of interventions to test based on existing databases, with the help of Martin Dinov and Maciej Michalak for biological background. Once he has a strategy to share that task he will recruit other volunteers (time to fill in the SKILLS tool: if you are interested, and so indicate so there), both to list interventions and to start to gently contacting researcher for the most promising interventions, with the help of Edouard Debonneuil (France) to be put in contact.

3-- Making a robust tool to enter interventions and share experimental details with reasearchers: Anton Kulaga (ILA board, Ukraine) and Dmitri Borisoglebsky are defining a tool to transform the draft list and its volunteering team in a more robust scientific resources, with the help of researchers from the Buck Institute.

4-- Funding: Funding is necessarily the biggest difficulty of the project and will require much help once presentations and lists of interventions will be start to be adequate. Kami Orlov will already contact people and institutions with the help of Macieh Michalak and others to start seeking interest in contributing to the needed funds. Meanwhile, specific structures are being set up at the ILA and LP to receive and handle funds adequately.

5-- Logistic, materials, precise costs and other subgoals: during the SENS conference at Santa Clara these last days, several members of the ILA and LP board have exchanged with mouse specialists to start investigate those aspects. From there, specific subgoals should be derived.



Whether is it to help things above (many persons required especially for #3 and possibly #4) or if you have experience in mouse handling/testing or if you feel you can build automated cage changes with friends, Please fill the SKILLS tool and indicate it. We will contact you based on your indicated skills and motivation.


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