Join the Alliance

There are many ways to help longevity movement to develop. If you are a like-minded person who would like to do some small tasks as a volunteer, you are very welcome to fill this form.

If you represent an NGO which is working in the domain of science popularisation, of social gerontology, or you help people to adopt healthy lifestyle at all ages, or you represent a local group of longevity activists, please, send us a note via this form of membership application. Joining the International Longevity Alliance as a branch or a partner organization may be a good way to develop as a community.

If you don't have much time you could spare, but you still want to help the ILA with some of the projects, please vizit the page Donations, where you could choose some of our projects that you'll enjoy to help financially.

We are also open to the collaboration with other types of activists and projects who promote healthy longevity by the development of geroprotective technologies. We can echange banners, news and announcements, to enrich our sites and our vision on how to control aging.